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 Moving Server Providers, New VIP (eVIP), Winter Holiday Events

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PostSubject: Moving Server Providers, New VIP (eVIP), Winter Holiday Events   Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:27 am

Hey guys, blah blah.

We're moving providers, why?
Because our provider is laggy, and you've noticed. So we're going to move to a VDS with higher specs so you can enjoy LGN better. We might even have a new server.

Edit: We might not be anytime now, it looks good here.

As for eVIP, eVIP is (Elite VIP) a VIP that requires normal basic VIP before upgrading to eVIP.
eVIP's get Kick, Voteban, and ULX help. It is a monthly paid plan, and we currently are offering eVIP after you've purchased VIP for:
$7.50 /mo
$19.50 3/mo ($6.50 /mo)
$30.00 6/mo ($5 /mo)

If you are new, we have starter bundles, with eVIP + bVIP (Basic VIP) for
1mo eVIP + bVIP : $16.50
3mo eVIP + bVIP : $22.25

Now Winter Holidays (Yay!)
I haven't quite decided, but the events will be won, meaning it's not random.
You actually have to work for what you win.
Prizes include..

In-game $
MAYBE, a bVIP + eVIP for 1/mo on Christmas Day

As for new content, it's still being developed.
I'd like to thank Chris for scripting the multiple job VIP, thanks broski.
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Moving Server Providers, New VIP (eVIP), Winter Holiday Events
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