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 Events, New Content, and Encouraging you to play! Edit: Look @ the FULL SLOTS!

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PostSubject: Events, New Content, and Encouraging you to play! Edit: Look @ the FULL SLOTS!   Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:11 pm

Salut, Hi, Chaaao, Lay Ho, Jao, And whatever the hell "hi" in other languages!

I've got a few exciting things to announce. We'll be having new events and other cool features soon.

Events (December 06 - December 13)
We'll be doing a week long Forum Activeness and Longest Online contest.

I will probably host weekly events, every week. They'll be quite repetitive.

Forum Activeness - WINNER: Kirk Marly
If you post on the forums everyday, say on general chat, or anything that keeps the forum going, you are participating.
Of course spamming all the forums is not necessary, and to get points the top 2 posters will receive the following..

Both Posters will get: 500 PS Points & $20,000 In-Game Cash

Longest Online - WINNER: Johnny Kettlewourth
The player that stays online the longest, throughout this week will receive the following..

-300 Pts & $12,000 Cash

Leaders :
Predxen (Banned for Hacking)
Johnny Kettlewourth (In the lead)

New Content

EXP System [Idea Dropped]
We will be testing and maybe adding an EXP system, as well as npc's that will automatically spawn in an area, where you would kill to get experience, and in return be able to increase max hp, hp recovery, armor, running speed, resistance to damage, etc.

New Money Printer [ADDED]
Industrial Money Printers

These pricey Wal-Mart used printers to get rich are now going to available in the next patch.
Price Tag $$$: $20,000
Print Amount $$$: $3,500
Explode Rate: High

Big Risk Taker, but you can get rich.

Points to Money, Money to Points [ADDED]
Not sure if I can do this, but I'll try.

So the concept is, that you can sell and buy money, via points.

Rates are listed as so..

5 Pts : $100
25 Pts : $550
100 Pts : $2450
1000 Pts : $28450

Not a SURE idea but, will be working; )

New Map, Probably Gonna Stay

I personally love downtown, so I hope you come around.

Thanks for reading, enjoy LGN, here to stay, guaranteed.
-24 Slot IRP (IlluminousRP 1.9.1) :
-10 Slot GF2 (GoFish 2) :

-Jay (LGN CEO)

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Events, New Content, and Encouraging you to play! Edit: Look @ the FULL SLOTS!
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