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 Sickness cars

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Sickness cars Empty
PostSubject: Sickness cars   Sickness cars Icon_minitimeThu Dec 02, 2010 12:42 am

I understand that you may not add sickness cars, but I just want to say the pros and cons of them, for the hell of it.


  • Easy to drive (less car dm's, less annoying people that are driving terribly)
  • Many people that RP have it
  • They don't flip
  • They are harder to get stuck (I tested them on evocity - it's true)
  • Less glitches on Evocity
  • Less glitchy all together


  • There is a lot of them (problem: dload time for people w/o sickness, and a slower server, but you can easily select the ones you want)
  • They don't have lights ( You seem to love that part jay :p)

anyways, I really believe this server should have them, they are a really nice feature that is stable, and adds a large variety of gta 4 cars and buses, (however, you should not add the super cars, if everybody has a sport car, the rp experience goes away fairly fast)

also, get the svn if you do, not the direct download.

aaaand the fact that evocity uses sickness models in it (the BP station, the store signs) You need the cars to go with it (there is an evocity busline Smile )

I do have a video to show a selected amount of sickness cars, but I will upload that tomorrow . Smile
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Sickness cars
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