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 Kevin Bush - Blatant Disrespect and Abuse

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Yuri Orlav

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Kevin Bush - Blatant Disrespect and Abuse Empty
PostSubject: Kevin Bush - Blatant Disrespect and Abuse   Kevin Bush - Blatant Disrespect and Abuse Icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 6:37 pm

At about 3:50pm (CST), Kevin Bush bought a money printer from Tyrone Chicken from KFC. When he walked out with it, Niko placed a hit on him. As soon as I walked around the corner, he was gone. The next corner where it's the road connecting the four districts of the map was empty as well. Kevin no-clipped all the way to his house (the pool house) with a money printer, when there was a hit on him. I told him to come back, so the roleplay could pan out as it was supposed to, he complied...came back to the corner, and Niko turned the corner in a Corvette and ran over him before he even noticed. I messed up one of my binds, and was adverting a gun store at Foto instead of hit complete, etc...

Afterwards, he came back to life, saw Niko running on the street with it, took it from him, as Citizen. I said it was NLR, shot the printer once, him the second time (killing him) and took it back to KFC (Tyrone's house, who was the original owner). He tried to say I was admin abusing and came back demanding it. Afterwards, he started blatantly disrespecting me (quite hypocritical to his rage yesterday) in OOC. I gimped him and used /aa to tell everyone why he was receiving punishment, he ungimped himself and said "Lol." in OOC. I started spam clicking gimp in the xgui menu, so he couldn't ungimp himself and talk fast enough, so he just started spamming OOC chat.

About 30 minutes later, he started raging at me on Ventrilo for noclipping off a building there's no safe exit from (where hitman spawns) back to KFC where I was trying to move a whale and was prop killed (by myself), and he said on Vent "No you have to walk back, and use doors..." etc. After about 5 complaints from Chris and Johnny on Vent, I kicked him from the channel (Didn't ban) he came back, and everyone settled down.
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Kevin Bush - Blatant Disrespect and Abuse
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