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 failtolawl's application

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PostSubject: failtolawl's application   failtolawl's application Icon_minitimeWed Nov 24, 2010 1:03 pm

Do you haven admin on a build rp server before (well, part dark, part build rp, was shut down a bit ago)
and super admin on a popular sandbox server (ascension)

If yes, are there references?
not to an rp server but I have to the sandbox ( (private profile)

Do you have experience with ULX admin commands?
No, but I have experience with ASSMOD and Evolve

Why do you want to be an administrator?
I want to be an administrator because I find that there is a lot of help needed, but since most admins would rather RP, they tend to ignore reports, so one more person could increase visitor satisfaction.

Do you have Ventrilo?

Do you have a microphone?

Would you be willing to get on Ventrilo even when you're not playing Garry's Mod for the case an admin is needed?

What time zone are you in?
I am in the US Mountain Standard Time zone. UTC -7:00

How many hours can you dedicate to moderating the server?
6 hours per day, mostly whole day on weekends (I have no life Sad )

Define "minge, RDM, NLR" in your own words.
Minge- An idiot who cscrews around, not following rules, spamming, a useless bug unwilling to learn.
RDM- Random Deathmatch Killing somebody that is not a legitimate roleplay reason.
NLR- New Life Rule You cannot go the same place that you recently died within 15 minutes (4 minutes if it is necessary), so in short, you forgot your past life.
Would you be willing to answer any questions verbally or timed on Ventrilo?

Real Name
Troy Hensley

Steam Name

Roleplay Name
Andrei/Svetlena Kuznetsov

Steam ID

Can you contribute to the server? (Job ideas/scripting, LUA scripts, mapping, etc)
I am working on a large RP city map, I have already presented new features in jobs to the server, so yes, willing and able.

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failtolawl's application
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