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 Downtime - November 20th, 2010

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Downtime - November 20th, 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Downtime - November 20th, 2010   Downtime - November 20th, 2010 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 20, 2010 11:31 pm


So yeah guys, we're having downtime, cause a server in the same Dedicated box, is getting DDoS'd, and now there's just a bunch of problems with the box.

Anyways, good news, loss of anything won't happen. I'll be giving a Standard Money Printer, FREE of charge, to everyone when the server comes on, for the whole day. You may only have 1.

We are sincerely sorry for all the damage this has caused.
Thank you for supporting.



The server completely got f'd up the ass. So now, all players will be reset, everyone starting with 10000$, cause im doing a promo. I'm dearly sorry, about all the hell. Everyone that joins will get VIP for 3 days to try, and to use. Thanks for supporting, whoever stays, you guys are truly members of the LGN community, and I'd like to express my thanks and remorse.

I, Jay, would like to give a big thanks to the staff, members, and supporters out there that have been here the whole way.

We are also still going to evocity. Thank you all!

Edit 2:
Found the problem, EvoCity promised tomorrow, and we'll return to normal roleplay. Smile))

Update 3:
Everything so far is good, pointsmod will still be enabled, and you will all recieve 750 points if you join TODAY, and TODAY only. All existing VIP's, that bought earlier, will receive 4000pts + 750 for the bonus. All new VIP's will receive what they bought, + 750. Also, update on Black Friday, VIP and Pts will be 50% off!

About custom cars, that'll be developed through the month. No guarantees just yet. I'll be adding 1-3 vehicles.

PHX will be disabled, except for a few props, like the giant cube 8x8x8(blocked) and the RT Screen, which all players can use!

On the other hand, about the 3 day VIP, everyone joining today will receive it. Once again, thank you!
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Downtime - November 20th, 2010
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