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 Class Suggestions - Marcus

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Pro Pipe Ninja

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Class Suggestions - Marcus Empty
PostSubject: Class Suggestions - Marcus   Class Suggestions - Marcus Icon_minitimeSat Nov 06, 2010 12:41 am

Hey guys, I have some class suggestions for classes in the server.

-Mechanic wields a wrench tool that can fix money printers/other items
-Mechanic or a different class can sell PC mod computers (unless it lags)
-Merc can have a lockpick/keypad picker
-Mechanic can sell cars (I don't really like this one, since theres really no driving space.)
-Some sort of music class can have guitar/other items (Although, people would have to download them.)
-Solider Class equipped with a flashbang (maybe) and some other weapons.

Well, hope you enjoy my ideas, and get back to me with responses!

Peace! afro
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Yuri Orlav

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Class Suggestions - Marcus Empty
PostSubject: Re: Class Suggestions   Class Suggestions - Marcus Icon_minitimeMon Nov 08, 2010 8:53 am

They're pretty solid ideas, but you also have to think:

Mechanics that wield wrenches to fix money printers:
Money printers only overheat/explode. They never "break". It would probably take a lot of extra coding to add in malfunctions.

PC Mod computers do lag the server, and they're rarely used anyways. Most people set them up, and forget about them. I personally think they're pointless.

Merc. starts with lockpick/keypad cracker:
Mercenaries already start with a gun, that means that's one less thing they have to worry about buying. If they started with a lockpick and keypad cracker, they'd be self sufficient and the economy in-game would topple.

Mechanic can sell cars:
If you don't like it, why even bring it up?

Soldier class:
That probably will be in the future, but it'll probably end up being smoke, not flash, because both can be used as a minge tool, but flash debilitates a player, smoke only annoys a player.

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Class Suggestions - Marcus
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